I am usually one who reads my nutrition facts and ingredients labels but this one even blew my mind. The suggested amount of added sugar per day is 3 teaspoons for kids, 6 for women, and 9 for men. This small snack portion of dried mango slices has 78g = 18.5 teaspoons!!! One bag being the suggested serving size! Have you ever noticed that there isn’t a DV% next to sugar? Because most packaged foods are well over the daily limit. Out smart the corporations that are trying to over dose our country on sugar, read your labels, and make the right choices.

Here is an easy grab option from Trader Joe’s, no bulk tongs needed.


Another one of my mid-day munchies, guilt-free.

Organic ‘Cinnamon Toast’ Rice Cakes - The Lundberg brand is available in most markets and usually near the chips and popcorn you usually pick up. There is a ‘Tamari with Seaweed’ flavor featured on the webpage that I am going to have to hunt down …

YUM! http://www.lundberg.com/products/rice_cakes.aspx

 There’s more than blood that beats through my heart .